Local Atlanta woman donates prize to help rescue dogs through Valcourt’s hoops contest

The Valcourt Group | Apr 22, 2014

ATLANTA, GA — What do window washing, college basketball, and pit bulls have in common? Valcourt Building Services made the answer clear.
As the largest window cleaning company in the nation and an industry leader in waterproofing and restoration, Valcourt sought a big and bold way to give back to the community. Inspired by the frenzy of college basketball brackets, Valcourt revealed a unique method in the Madness — the Valcourt Bracket Standout. Participants were challenged to select their teams, and the winner could donate the monetary grand prize to the charity of their choice.
The result was a win-win. After 64 competitive and unpredictable college basketball games, Cindy Jackson (Property Manager at Taylor & Mathis, Inc.) won the grand prize for building the top-performing bracket. Her prize will benefit the Atlanta Underdog Initiative — an all-volunteer, foster-home based organization dedicated to helping every breed in need, with a primary focus on pit bulls and mastiffs. The donation will be used towards rescue efforts and alternative solutions for breed-specific legislation.
“I have a very soft spot for pit bull-type dogs and am dismayed by the bad publicity that irresponsible owners give them. I would like the proceeds to go to the Atlanta Underdog Initiative,” Cindy said.
Valcourt is honored to help support Cindy’s advocacy for responsible dog ownership, and looks forward to connecting with the community in other creative ways in the future.
About Valcourt Building Services
Valcourt Building Services serves the East Coast of the United States, with ten offices from Northern New Jersey to Florida. Founded in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia, Valcourt’s Window Cleaning division is now the largest window-cleaner in the country. Valcourt’s Waterproofing and Restoration division provides comprehensive exterior maintenance solutions. For complete details, please visit https://www.valcourt.net.
Contact: Amber Corson

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