Valcourt revolutionizes risk management with SafeSite Advantage.

The Valcourt Group | Sep 22, 2013

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Valcourt Building Services, the nation’s largest exterior maintenance company, has officially rolled out SafeSite Advantage, the most comprehensive risk management initiative in its industry.
“Window cleaning, waterproofing, restoration work—these are all dangerous jobs,” says Valcourt COO Jon Capon. “Our own managers developed this companywide program designed to protect our clients and our workers, and to set new standards for checking and double-checking every aspect of job safety.”
“At Valcourt, we believe that the safest buildings are the most valuable buildings,” says CEO Jeff Valcourt. “We value your peace of mind, and we prove that by providing a level of protection no one else can match. That’s what SafeSite is all about.”
SafeSite is an all-in-one risk-management program so comprehensive that only Valcourt could have created it. SafeSite bundles safety management, compliance management, claims management and education into the only comprehensive risk-management program in our industry.
“We examined the protection, compliance and safety offerings from our competitors and found them wanting,” says Jason Robertson, GM of Valcourt’s DC Windows office. “We saw another strong opportunity to lead the industry, while making things both safer and easier for our clients.”
Property owners and managers are urged to contact their local Valcourt office for a customized SafeSite presentation. Valcourt serves the East Cost from New Jersey to Florida.
In capsule form, SafeSite Advantage dramatically increases protection through:
1. Facilitation
The thorough building inspection is facilitated by SafeSite’s full-time team of professionals, ensuring that no gaps exist in the inspection process.
2. Education
At Valcourt, we believe an informed client is a protected client. Our continually-trained SafeSite team will teach the building owner/management and all onsite staff the compliance requirements of all parties involved in the partnership.
3. Documentation
SafeSite provides our exclusive custom-designed documentation management system for our client’s ease of use. Our team will also ensure that all compliance documentation is current, guaranteeing each client is covered with minimal liability exposure.
4. Communication
We stay in full communication with our clients before, during and after every project, ensuring that all safety and compliance procedures are managed appropriately and faithfully. This process drives down liability exposure by reinforcing the highest safety standards.
5. Insulation
Each project receives a customized SafeSite program, specifically created for your building, to enhance your insulation from liability. SafeSite also adds another level of protection by providing random inspections before, during and after your project.
Further details are available at “After many months of development, we’re proud to put the Valcourt name on SafeSite Advantage,” says Jon Capon. “We’re confident that property professionals will immediately see the value in SafeSite for every building they manage.”
About Valcourt Building Services
About Valcourt Building Services
Valcourt Building Services serves the East Coast of the United States, with ten offices from Northern New Jersey to Florida. Founded in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia, Valcourt’s Window Cleaning division is now the largest window-cleaner in the country. Valcourt’s Waterproofing and Restoration division provides comprehensive exterior maintenance solutions. For complete details, please visit
Contact: Amber Corson

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