Beach Colony Condominiums

Industry: Apartments & Condominiums

Location: Perdido Key, FL

Client: West Tower Homeowners Association

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Beach Colony Condominiums


Extensive storm damage by Hurricane Ivan revealed latent defects in the Beach Colony Condominiums original construction. As a result, residents were experiencing leaks even during normal rain, causing damage to their condominiums’ interiors.

Using highly trained field personnel and a full support staff, Valcourt provided extensive restoration services for the Beach Colony Condominiums. Restoration work for the two high-rises included all aspects of waterproofing —including concrete repair, sealant replacement, wall coatings, and deck coatings—as well as the removal and replacement of hundreds of major components such as sliding glass doors and handrails.


The success of a large, full restoration project like the Beach Colony Condominiums complex reflects the excellent working relationship, communication, and coordination between Valcourt Building Services’ management team and the other parties involved: the property manager, the association boards, the consultant, and the architect.

The simultaneous and expeditious completion of restoration work on both high-rise structures, while working with two different association boards, was a challenge that Valcourt met with great pride.

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I can’t say enough about the quality, detail work, on-site management, and professionalism that Valcourt provided to restore the Beach Colony Condominiums. The property looks great now—we couldn’t be more satisfied!

Fred Syzmanski—President, West Tower Homeowners Association

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